This is a video talking about 5 Sea Salt Tips Everyone Should Know

5 Sherwin Williams Sea Salt Tips Everyone Should Know!

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is a beautiful, relaxing and calming interior paint color that is most popular in bedrooms, laundry, bathrooms and sometimes a kitchen in the right circumstances. Did you know that Sea Salt is a chameleon just like its cousin, Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams?

I'm going to give you 5 Sea Salt tips that everyone should know before running to the paint store.

  • I'm going to talk about the undertones of Sea Salt and why it's important to know
  • Next, I will show how Sea Salt reacts to different lighting and why this matters
  • The last three tips I'm going to show you some color palette ideas and why they work


Why Sea Salt Undertones Can Make Or Break Your Room 

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams has to undertones you need to know: blue and green-gray. Chances are many of you are pretty familiar with this popular color because it's all over the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if you are thinking about painting your room this color because of all those beautiful pictures on Pinterest or magazines, right?

I say this like a broken record, I will never stop saying this either, never try to replicate a color you see in all those beautiful pictures online or in a magazine because chances are your home isn't compatible. 

This is what I mean when you look at Sea Salt by its self, it looks clean and fresh, right? What most people fail to do, it's not anyone's fault, is to compare Sea Salt with the interior decor of their room before deciding if it's really a match. 

Yes, you can get a tiny paint swatch, bring it home or even paint a small sample on a poster board but do you compare the undertones of Sea Salt with the undertones of your room decor?

In this video I will talk about this and why it can either make or break your room.

So, I hope you can make a better decision on whether Sherwin Williams Sea Salt is the right paint for you.  Maybe it’s the perfect color for your space but even if it’s not at least you save yourself time and money that you would later regret.

If you want to learn more about the color of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray that I talked about in the video you can check out the link here. 

The bottom line is you need to compare Sea Salt with your interior decor and fixed elements, especially the undertones that you have in your room.

If you want to create a beautiful color palette for your home you can check this out right here