Common Questions

What's in the Color Kit?

You will receive 3 paint color options per package, including a detailed explanation on how and why each color will work beautifully in your space. You will get the color ID/name of either Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Farrow & Ball paint, depending on your preference. Every paint color will have a direct link to see what the paint color will look like in your home. You will also receive a detailed description on the type of undertones you have in your home. If you pick any add-ons with your package you will get 3 paint color options per add-on, including a detailed explanation on how and why each color will work in your space. Included in the Color Kit are design tips that are custom tailored depending on the package and the scope of your home project. The design tips are designed to save you money, prevent from making costly mistakes and recommendations that will enhance your home. You will also receive two floor trim colors for your home and I will make you a personal video showing you the colors I selected for your home.  

When do I receive my Color Kit?

After you complete your questionnaire and upload your pictures you will receive your Color Kit within 2-4 business days due to high volume of orders. Typically it's a 2 day turn around and it's worth it.

What paint brands do you offer to your clients?

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams & Farrow & Ball

Do you give tips on how to sample paints the right way?

Yes, I do. It's in the Color Kit.

How are you able to pick the right paint colors for our home?

The first way I answer that question is to take the answers from the carefully crafted, highly visual questionnaire I sent you and analyze your personality. Every questionnaire is unique, it tells a story about you: most importantly I listen to you.

The second way I answer that question is to evaluate all the pictures you uploaded to my file. This is where I determine the most critical aspect of your space: What are the undertones of your space?

The answer to guiding you to the right color palettes is knowing the undertones of color in your space and understanding your personality. I will immediately know what colors will work and not work.


Can I upload my pictures instead of a smartphone camera?

Yes, you can upload your pictures instead of using your smartphone. You can use a desktop, laptop or notebook to name a few.

Which packages can I pick for my home that is being built?

You have two options. The first option is to select One Color Entire Home Package, you will get one main color for your home (3 main color options) and you can customize your color palette with any of the add-ons. The second package is the Open Concept Package, you will get 3 main color choices, you can select any add-ons but the choices are limited compared to the One Color Entire Home Package. I don't require pictures of your furnishing (interior decor) but I do require interior pictures of your home.

Is the Color Kit mobile friendly?

Yes, the Color Kit is mobile friendly. In fact the entire process from start to finish is mobile friendly.


My payment was accepted but I didn't receive confirmation email?

Step 1. Confirm the email address you used when filling out the payment form is the same as the one you are using to receive the link.

Step 2. Confirm you spelled your email address correctly.

Step 3. Check your spam or junk mail folder.

Step 4. If none of the above work. Send email info@jacobowensdesigns.com or send a message on my contact form. I will respond quickly, no worries, we will sort it all out together.  

Does the online questionnaire automatically save itself?

Yes, the online questionnaire automatically saves itself. You can stop and resume anytime you want.