Appointment Availability

Week of Monday, June 10th to Thursday, June 13th, 2024 - Fully booked for the week. Please book appointment the following week. I want to help you get it right the first time.

Week of Monday, June 17th to Thursday, June 20th, 2024 - Plenty of time slots available to book appointment with Jacob starting from 10 am to 4:30 pm east coast standard time Monday thru Thursday.

Purchase any of the online packages, and then you can book the appointment to speak with Jacob via Zoom video call towards the end of the online questionnaire.

Most Popular Questions

What happens when I book a Zoom video call with Jacob?

You will get an opportunity to speak with Jacob for 15 minutes. All clients speak to Jacob Owens directly not another paint color consultant.

You don't have to take notes as you will receive a detailed Color Kit (50 + pages explaining to you everything you need to know about all the recommended paint colors including sheen, paint bases and so much more) the following morning via email in PDF format.

I will show you and explain to you in the Zoom video call why each recommended interior or exterior paint color will work based on your fixed elements, interior decor, interior design layout and lighting of your home.

You will feel confident and know that each paint color recommended will work regardless which paint color you select for your home.

I rank the paint colors in the Color Kit and the number one choice is the paint color I would select if it were my home. I help thousand of clients select the correct paint color for their home every year. Read the reviews and see what clients have to say.

Do I have to be at my home when we talk on the Zoom video call?

No reason to be at your home, you can be anywhere in the world as it's not necessary for you to be at your home during the Zoom video call.

I talk to clients that have brought a home out of state that can't be on site, clients that have a brought a home but can't take pictures yet (use your listing pictures instead), clients who are on vacation, clients who live in different states, clients who work long hours at work (doctors, CEO's, entrepreneurs, teachers, and etc.) and the list goes on.

Can I ask you a question after you sent me the Color Kit?

I'm known to be generous with all my clients as I care what happens to their homes. I view my clients homes as if it were my home. I want my clients to feel confident and to understand why all the recommended paint colors will work in their home.

Typically I answer all the question and concerns during the live video call but sometimes clients will have additional questions. I'm more than happy to answer questions as long as it pertains to the online package the client purchased.

I have clients that talk about this and read the reviews to see what clients have to say.

What is Jacob Owens known for?

I help thousand of clients every year select the correct interior or exterior paint color for their home. All clients speak to Jacob Owens directly not another paint color consultant.

I'm known to be articulate (50 + pages when clients receive the Color Kit (PDF) via email), I care about my client's home as if it were my home, known to create timeless paint color palettes for many clients that will stay relevant as the trends come and go, however, I'm well versed on all types of interior decor styles that require special attention to certain paint colors depending on the preference of a clients expectation of a space, excellent listener, and I explain how and why a paint color will or will not work in your space.

Client's feel confident and understand on a deeper level why a paint color will or will not work their space. I help clients prevent a costly mistake and create the ambiance the client wants to achieve for their home. Read the reviews to see what client's have to say.

How do identify the undertones in your home?

When you purchase any of the online packages you will receive a link on how to take pictures with your smartphone using a white piece of paper. The white paper helps me identify the undertones in your space.

When do I receive my Color Kit?

You will receive your Color Kit the following morning after our live video call.

If your project is a large customized package then it will be ready in 2 business days.

I'm building a new home. What package do I select and do I need to take pictures if my home home isn't built yet?

Select the New Build Package.

If you're home is being built or you're in the early stages of designing your home then there is no reason to take pictures.

I help client's in these situations all the time.

Instead, I require you to list the basic fixed elements that you know you will be installing in your home, for example, floor tiles, hardwood floors, flooring in general, kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixed elements, design layout of home and etc.

Can you help me if I don't have my fixed elements installed yet?

Yes, I can. As long as you know the brand and product you will be installing (for example kitchen countertops, kitchen backsplash, flooring and etc.) I can help you. Please list the product when answering the simple online questionnaire.

Can you help me with only the kitchen cabinet color not the kitchen wall color?

Yes, I can. Go to the One Room Package, select the kitchen as the room you need help with and don't select the kitchen add-on. I will only recommend the best kitchen cabinet colors not the kitchen wall color.

Can you help me if I don't have my furniture in my new home and or I'm waiting for my new furniture to arrive?

Yes, I can help you as long as you know the product and brand you're purchasing or have purchased. List the items in the questionnaire or a link or picture of the product.

I just brought a home but can't take pictures. What can I do?

You can upload the link to the real estate listing or upload the pictures in the real estate listing in the questionnaire.

What paint brands do you recommend?

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Farrow & Ball. You can select one paint brand or all three in the questionnaire.

I purchased my package but where is the link to the questionnaire?

The moment you purchase the package you will receive a separate email with the links. Please check your junk folders or spam folder.

Can you help someone who needs help with a commercial property, condo or apartment communities and or large luxury home?

Yes, I'm happy to help you. I work with private investors or property owners all the time. I can create a custom package depending on the scope of the project. Write me an email and I will get back to you.