Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream Color Review

Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream Color Review

In the world of interior paint colors, there are guidelines and techniques that must be followed to create the perfect color palette for a home. However, rules are meant to be broken as long as you know what you're doing, and last month was a classic example. 

I helped an online client in Lakeview, Chicago, to create a sophisticated interior paint color palette of gray and creams for their beautiful remodeled home. 

Today's color review is one of the creams I used for this online client, and it's called Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream. I’m going to show you what makes this beautiful cream color so unique, and I’m going to give you three valuable tips you need to know about Gentle Cream.


Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream Color Review


I want to show you what makes Gentle Cream so unique. It’s not light cream, it’s not yellow, and there is a hidden undertone that you need to know. Watch what happens when I compare Gentle Cream with another cream paint color called Aged White by Sherwin Williams in the video down below. 



Now you know why Gentle Cream is darker and not as yellow as most cream interior paint colors. Like I always say, there is no such thing as a neutral cream paint color that doesn't have any yellow because you need both a yellow and white color to make a cream paint color. 

Here are two other cream interior paint colors that I would recommend checking out: Benjamin Moore Natural Cream or Benjamin Moore Ivory White

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