Greige Paint Colors: 5 Tips Everyone Should Know

Greige Paint Colors: 5 Tips Everyone Should Know

Today I'm going to share with you greige paint colors: 5 tips everyone should know! Greige paint colors are popular interior paint colors but require attention to detail. Many factors come to play before deciding which greige paint color could be the right one for you. 


Greige Paint Colors 5 Tips Everyone Should Know


I'm going to share with you valuable tips about what makes a greige paint color, the different undertones in greige paint colors, set the record straight what a greige paint color is and why it's not a gray, why undertones of greige paint colors matter and the importance of lighting. Find out towards the end of the video down below on what popular greige paint color I rarely recommend and why. 



I don't want you to select a popular paint color because it's trending instead I want you to evaluate the different conditions you have in your home as explained in the video above to see if your home can pair with many of these popular greige paint colors. The last thing I want you to do is make a costly mistake and or regret from selecting a greige paint color that will look dingy and muted. 

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