Sherwin Williams Cheviot Paint Color Review

Sherwin Williams Cheviot Paint Color Review

Sherwin Williams Cheviot is a relatively new paint color that made its debut over a year ago and you can find it in the Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition. Sherwin Williams Cheviot is a warm off-white but it's not like many of the off-whites you can find in the Sherwin Williams fan deck. I've used this beautiful warm off-white for main interior walls, trims and ceilings over the past year. However, it's not an off-white I recommend for a main interior wall paint color unless you have the right lighting, interior design layout and fixed elements to pull it off.  

I'm a big fan of this paint color when paired correctly. I know when to use it and when not to use Sherwin Williams Cheviot. Today I'm going to show you the undertone of Sherwin Williams Cheviot, compare it to other similar off-whites and I'm going to share with you two valuable tips that will help you in the video below. 



I get it, warm off-whites are complicated and so many decisions to make but at least you understand the basics about Sherwin Williams Cheviot. It's a beautiful warm off-white that tends to lean on the clean side of warm off-whites not a muted off-white like Benjamin Moore White Dove. 

If you're looking for a warmer off-white then I recommend watching these two paint color reviews; Sherwin Williams Whitetail Paint Color Review or Benjamin Moore Steam Paint Color Review.  

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