Sherwin Williams Oat Milk Paint Color Review

Sherwin Williams Oat Milk Paint Color Review

Sherwin Williams Oat Milk is a beautiful greige paint color but it's not your typical greige paint color as it has a sneaky undertone that reveals itself depending on the type of fixed elements, interior decor or lighting you have in your home. It's a relatively new paint color that came out over a year ago and you can find it in the Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition. Greige paint colors are complex and often it's the lighting and type of fixed elements is where most people make the costly mistake on not pairing a greige paint color correctly. 

I want you to get this right, so today I'm going to show you the undertones, compare Sherwin Williams Oat Milk with other similar paint colors to help you understand what makes this paint color unique and share with you two warm off-whites that pair beautifully with SW Oat Milk assuming you have the right fixed elements in your space. 



Sherwin Williams Oat Milk is a complex greige and in many ways is a chameleon but when paired correctly it's a warm greige that's not overly warm or cool. It's important to be mindful on the type of natural and artificial lighting you have in your home or commercial space. 

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