Sherwin Williams Pacer White Color Review

Sherwin Williams Pacer White Color Review

Today's color review is Sherwin Williams Pacer White; I’m going to show what makes this paint color so unique, how it reacts to lighting, and I’m going to give some valuable tips you need to know about Pacer White.


Sherwin Williams Pacer White Color Review


I always say you should never pick a paint color based on popularity or what is trending. I see hundreds of homes every year. I’ve lost count on how many times a paint color was forced in a home, and the result was an expensive mistake.

Instead, you should always work with what you have in your home and pair it with the correct interior paint colors.

As for Pacer White, its not an off-white paint color; instead, it’s a taupe greige. Watch what happens when I compare it with Canvas Tan by Sherwin Williams in the video down below. 



I often say never pick a paint color based on the name because it’s misleading in more ways than one. Today's interior paint color is a classic example of why you should always take a paint color name with a grain of salt. 

Here are two other interior paint colors you should check out: Sherwin Williams Kestrel White or Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

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