Sherwin Williams Wool Skein Color Review

Sherwin Williams Wool Skein Color Review

Wool Skein by Sherwin Williams is an excellent example of a classic paint color that can last a trend or two. I’m going to show you the undertones, give you some perspective on how this paint color looks like in a South and north-facing rooms. Last but least I'm going to provide you with three valuable tips you should know.

Every couple of years, we through a new trendy color or colors of the year. Sometimes specific trends can last almost a decade before a new trend arrives. Take the gray trend; for example, it’s fading away; however black, whites and light taupe’s to name a few are the new trend colors to stay for years to come.

Then there are the classics or timeless colors like Wool Skein by Sherwin Williams that can last through many trends as long as you know how to pair it correctly with both your fixed and furnished items that you may have in your home.


Sherwin Williams Wool Skein Color Review


Whoever says beige is boring doesn’t understand how to pair interior paint colors. I’ve used the paint color in multimillion-dollar homes to family homes from the east coast to the west coast of North America. This is not my go-to paint color and for all my subscribers who’ve been following me for a while know that I don’t have a go-to paint color. Instead, I treat every client differently depending on what type of interior décor and fixed elements their home may have.

Wool Skein isn’t designed for any home so let’s get to know this paint color and talk about the undertones in the video below.



There are so many factors to consider before deciding if Wool Skein will be the perfect match for your home. Undertones and how it reacts to lighting plays a small part. You need to also factor in the type of undertones and colors that you may have in your fixed and furnished elements in every room of your home. 

Here are two more beige paint colors that you should review to broaden your perspective of the different beige paint colors that are available; Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore or Canvas Tan by Sherwin Williams. 

If you need help finding the perfect paint color for your home and want it to be professionally done. Feel free to check out this link right here to find out how I can help you without ever stepping a foot in your home regardless where you live in North America.