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Due to the high demand for our services, your appointment for your order may not take place during the week of your order – your color kit will be ready the next business day after your appointment.

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    Brenda W.
    United States United States
    Resale Paint Selection from a Flipper's Perspective

    We've all been there, it's time to paint the house! So we buy our paint samples, put them up in the wall, we look at them day and night, and finally we pick "The Perfect Color". The painter comes in and were finally done. We move our furniture back only to discover there's a huge problem! The color looks nothing like it did on the wall samples. Thus comes Jacob Owens...GOD SEND!! !No more 2nd guesses, no more repainting because "I hate the color" I flip houses and always struggle with paint selection. I'm thrilled to finally take the guess work out of this difficult if not impossible task. Unless your a color strategist, knowing natural lighting of each room, cabinetry colors, flooring and furniture, you'll never get it right. That's why we all need the services of Mr Owens, he makes it easy inexpensive, to get it right the first time, and that's what we all want.

    Alexandria S.
    No doubt Jacob had a big part in helping us sell our home for the right price

    I was referred to Jacob from a friend of ours who hired Jacob a couple of months ago. Excellent customer service, thoughtful, good communicator, constant contact throughout the entire process and the color palette was specifically designed to attract our target buyers in LA. Our home sold within 11 days and I know Jacob had a big part in making it happen because the buyers loved the interior paint color. I look forward to hiring Jacob for our new home! Thank you Jacob.....excited to work with you again.

    Jenny S.
    Our home sold within two weeks!

    A friend of ours told us about Jacob and the entire experience was wonderful. He answered our questions, kept us in the loop, the color kit was detailed and the paint color palette was excellent. He understood our target buyers and our home sold within two weeks. We heard the buyers loved our paint colors - go figure:) We will be contacting Jacob to help us with our new home. I recommend Jacob to anyone without hesitation.

    Dave T.
    Jacob is the real deal

    I'm a real estate agent and I understand the value of investing in a home before putting a home on the market to sell. I've hired Jacob several times in the past couple months and it's gone so well that we've started marketing his services to our clients. Jacob has an eye for color and he also understands what interior paint colors to use depending on the demographic of buyers.

    Jamie A.
    We almost didn't sale our home!

    Our home was about to go on the market, we contacted Jacob for help and felt confident he could transform our home. We brought several add ons and the color kit was spot on. After our home was painted we almost didn't want to sell it! It was beautiful and our home sold within two weeks. We are in the process of having Jacob help us with our new home.