5 Bedroom Paint Colors That Will Inspire You

5 Bedroom Paint Colors That Will Inspire You

Here are five bedroom paint color ideas that will inspire you to paint your room right now!

Your bedroom should be the most important sanctuary in your home, after all, we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, so we all deserve a beautiful room. 

These five beautiful proven paint colors are some of the hundreds that I use to help my clients all over North America.

beautiful room painted with swiss coffee

Have you ever heard of these paint colors before: Swiss Coffee, Ice Berg, Palladian Blue, Weston Flax or Strawberry Yogurt by Benjamin Moore?

If not, then you're in for a surprise, I'm going to break down these 5 beautiful paint colors and I highly encourage you to watch this video down below to find out if these colors could be the right one for your bedroom. 

So what is your favorite color out of all these that I just showed you or would you like to see a different color in a future episode? Feel free to add your comment in the YouTube video, I would love to hear back from you!

If you are looking for another beautiful color for your bedroom check out this popular blog right here, I talk about everything you need to know about Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.

If you need help creating a beautiful and professionally done color palette for your bedroom, check out this link here, find out how I help people like you all over North America, without ever having to step foot inside your home.