Benjamin Moore Caliente Color Review

Benjamin Moore Caliente Color Review

Benjamin Moore Caliente is a beautiful red paint color, but it's not as red as you may think. Find out why this paint color is a popular accent color and get some inside tips that will save you from making a costly mistake. 

The color review today is Benjamin Caliente, as your room décor color expert I’m going tell you what you need to know about this beautiful paint color, and I’m going to give you some valuable tips that you should follow if you want to use this paint color right the first time.  


Benjamin Moore Caliente Color Review Paint Sample


Caliente is a Spanish word that means “hot,” and this paint lives up to its name no doubt. 

I’ve personally used this paint color for clients that want an accent color, whether it be the interior or the exterior of a home.  

Caliente is a fun color to use, so let’s take a closer look at Caliente and talk about the color in the video down below. 



 As you can see there a lot of options but remember it’s essential to make sure the undertones of your wall color, fixed and furnished items will pair correctly with Caliente. Or else it could be a costly mistake, and I don’t want that to happen to you.

However, if Caliente is a little too strong for you as an accent color then maybe you might want to check out these two colors, Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal or Benajmin Moore Century Celestine Blue

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