Sherwin Williams Shoji White Color Review

Sherwin Williams Shoji White Color Review

Sherwin Williams Shoji White is one of the most misunderstood paint colors; however you can find the secrets about this paint color that will save you from making a costly mistake.


Sherwins Williams Shoji White Color Review Paint Sample


When you hear or see the name Shoji White, it’s a little misleading because it’s not a white paint color.

Shoji white is not a true white, nor an off-white paint color; it’s not a creamy white; instead, it's a greige paint color.

By the way, a greige color is a color between beige and gray.

Let’s take a closer look at Shoji White and talk about the color in the video down below. 



Shoji White is a beautiful paint color; however, it's a little misleading because it’s a chameleon. Like I said in the video above, so be careful where you decide to paint this color in your home. It will change colors throughout the day. 

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