Benjamin Moore Hale Navy: 6 Tips To get Right

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy: 6 Tips To Get Right

Are you looking for a blue accent color that's versatile and timeless then Benjamin Moore Hale Navy might be the right paint for your room? 

Today I'm going to give you 6 tips to get right with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. 

  • Get to know the undertones of this color and why it will play a big role with your room decor
  • I will show you how this paint reacts in both North and South facing rooms and why it matters.
  • Next, I'm going to show color palette ideas and it will help you decide if this is the right color for your home.


Did You Know That Hale Navy Can Work With Both Cool and Warm Undertones?

The color blue has always been and will always be a popular color for the majority of people. Blue is relaxing, restful, peaceful but it can also be bold like Hale Navy. This a beautiful strong, bold color that can make a statement in almost any room of your home and it's universal when it comes to pairing it with either cool or warm undertones that you may have in your room decor. 

However be mindful with Hale Navy, it's best served as an accent color or you can paint one room this color such as a dining room but you will need some serious interior decorating skill to make it work. 

Check out the video, I will talk more in-depth about Hale Navy and why it pairs beautifully with a variety of interior design styles.

As you can see, Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore has a lot of potential as either an accent color or as the main color for an entire room, it can work with both cool and warm undertones assuming you have the right décor or fixed elements to make this happen.

Some of the most common areas of a home that I've used this paint color for clients are kitchen islands, doors, dining room, basement hallway, cabinets, and accent walls. 

If you are thinking about painting a room and you want to get it right the first time then click here to find out more.