Sherwin Williams Snowbound Paint Color Review

Sherwin Williams Snowbound Paint Color Review

Sherwin Williams Snowbound Paint Color Review: Everything You Should Know

Sherwin Williams Snowbound paint color review is an in-depth paint color review analysis that will tell you everything you need to know, and there is an undertone that will surprise you when you least expect it. 

It's important to note the difference between cool off-whites and warm off-whites. Sherwin Williams Snowbound paint color is considered a cool off-white as warm off-whites typically have a hint of yellow undertone. A few warm off-whites don't have a hint of yellow undertone, but that's a different discussion for another time. I will show you what makes Sherwin Williams a cool off-white by comparing it to other warm off-whites in the video below. 



I will show you the undertone of Sherwin Williams Snowbound and discuss the importance of lighting and how lighting influences Sherwin Williams Snowbound. Then, explain why certain fixed elements will dictate how Sherwin Williams Snowbound could look in your home. If you're considering using Sherwin Williams Snowbound in your home, I have a few tips that will help guide you in the right direction. 


Sherwin Williams Snowbound Paint Color Review


Can SW Snowbound paint color work in every home?

Perhaps this will help give you a different perspective about Sherwin Williams Snowbound and off-white paint colors. I help thousands of clients every year in the United States and Canada. I've seen almost every fixed element and interior decor style, including exterior home designs such as contemporary modern, mid-century, ranch style, craftsman, cottage, cape cod, etc. 


Can Sherwin Williams Snowbound Work In Every Home? 


The three most significant factors where Sherwin Williams Snowbound doesn't work in so many homes are lighting, exterior design layout, and fixed elements. 

If you have poor natural lighting, don't be surprised if SW Snowbound looks dingy. If you want an off-white in your space that lacks natural lighting, you need to go for a warmer off-white that has yellow undertones.  Please be mindful of the type of artificial lighting in your home; for example, if you have regular daylight bulbs, expect SW Snowbound to look muddy or dingy. Instead, invest in artificial LED lighting with a CRI above 93, where you can change the color of the lighting from cool to warm. If you have earthy flooring with cream beige or taupe, expect SW Snowbound to look clean, cold, and dingy. Instead, pair it with neutral flooring like white oak, for example. 

I want you to get it right and not make a costly mistake. Please take your time and evaluate what you have in your home and compare Sherwin Williams Snowbound with your fixed and furnished elements. Next, I will reveal an undertone that everyone should be mindful of before deciding if Sherwin Williams Snowbound is the right paint color for your home. 

What are the undertones of Sherwin Snowbound 7004?

Sherwin Williams Snowbound paint color is a popular off-white that has been trending for a long time. Please be careful with what is popular or trending, as the focus should be on what paint color pairs and contrasts correctly with what you have in your home. The first step to understanding Sherwin Williams Snowbound is knowing the undertone of this beautiful off-white paint color. So I'M GOING TO COMPARE it to other paint colors

The first thing you need to know is SW Snowbound is a cool off-white, which means it has a touch of gray. The touch of gray makes this paint color a cool off-white, but another undertone appears depending on what this paint color is paired with in your home. 

Check out the color comparisons below in this blog and my video! 


Sherwin Williams Snowbound Quick Tips You Should Know


Comparing SW Snowbound 7004 to BM Oxford White CC-30

Benjamin Moore Oxford White is considered a true off-white, meaning it's not cool or warm. In the image below, you can instantly see the gray undertones when paired with Sherwin Williams Snowbound. 

The gray in Sherwin Williams Snowbound makes this a soft off-white, other words, not a stark off-white like BM Oxford White. 


 Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Benjamin Moore Oxford White

Comparing Benjamin Moore Pure White OC-64 to Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004

Benjamin Moore Pure White is cool off-white with blue-white undertones. In the image below, notice the slight pink undertone in Sherwin Williams Snowbound. This undertone can reveal itself depending on what you compare it to in your home, and lighting will influence how this paint color could look in your home. 

The slight pink undertone will not always reveal itself; however, I've seen homes where the slight pink undertone becomes prevalent, and this is why it's so important to see how SW Snowbound looks when paired with your fixed and furnished elements in your home. Next, I will show you some similar and different off-white paint color comparisons to help give you a better perspective on SW Snowbound. 


 Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Benjamin Moore Pure White Paint Colors


Comparing Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover OC-25 to Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004

Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover is a cool off-white with a touch of gray undertone. In the image below, notice how BM Cloud Cover is slightly darker, including a touch more gray than SW Snowbound. SW Snowbound is a touch lighter with a less gray undertone than BM Cloud Cover. 

Without getting technical, it's important to note that a neutral gray is mixed with equal parts of white and black. However, to create a lighter shade of gray, you use more white with a touch of blue and red. The pinch of red in SW Snowbound is why you sometimes see the pink undertones. 


Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover Paint Colors


Comparing Sherwin Williams White Snow 9541 to Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004

Sherwin Williams White Snow is a warm off-white. In the image below, you can see the touch of yellow undertone in SW Snow White and how it's warmer than SW Snowbound. If you look carefully, you might see the slight pink undertone in SW Snowbound. 

SW Snowbound may have a touch of pink, but that doesn't mean it will reveal itself, especially when paired with cool fixed elements instead of warm fixed elements. This is why fixed elements will play a key role in how this paint color could look in your home. 


Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Sherwin Williams White Snow Paint Colors


Comparing Benjamin Moore White Diamond OC-61  to Sherwin Williams Snowbound 7004

Benjamin Moore White Diamond has cool off-white blue undertones. In the image below, you can see the blue undertones, and it's a touch lighter than SW Snowbound. You can see the gray undertones in SW Snowbound and how it's a touch darker than BM White Diamond. 

I selected BM White Diamond to show you that there are cool off-whites that don't have gray undertones but instead blue undertones. However, off-white paint colors with blue undertones can look dingy when not paired correctly, especially with artificial and natural lighting. 


Sherwin Williams Snowbound vs Benjamin Moore White Diamond Paint Colors


Is Sherwin Williams Snowbound paint color the right undertone for your home?

Suppose you have hardwood flooring with red or dark brown undertones, a lot of cherry wood furniture, earthy floor tiles with cream, beiges, orange, etc., and earthy kitchen countertops, to name a few examples. In that case, Sherwin Williams Snowbound may not be a good match for your home. 
If your room or space doesn't receive proper lighting, expect SW Snowbound to look dingy, and you will see the pink undertones. This is especially true if you're considering painting your kitchen cabinets with SW Snowbound. 
However, if you have clean and cool fixed elements such as off-white kitchen countertops with blue-gray veins, off-white floor tiles, neutral white oak flooring, or neutral interior decor fabrics like gray, taupe, or linen, to name a few. Then, SW Snowbound might be the right paint color for your home. 

How can I help you find the perfect paint color for your home?

You can save time and avoid making a costly mistake, by checking out any of my online packages. I can help you select the right paint colors that will match your fixed and furnished elements, including the type of lighting in your home for the interior or exterior.

You can visit my FAQ page or How I Help You page to learn more. I would love to help you!

Next, I'm going to share with you a few tips that you should know about Sherwin Williams Snowbound. 

SW Snowbound Design Tip 1: Kitchen Countertop

Please be careful when pairing the proper kitchen countertops with Sherwin Williams Snowbound. Many clients have contacted me over the years asking for help selecting the correct kitchen countertop to pair with SW Snowbound or other off-white paint colors—one of the biggest mistakes is not selecting the right off-white kitchen countertop. 

For example, for those looking for an off-white kitchen countertop with minimal movement, you might think MSI Stellar White is the right match to pair with SW Snowbound, but it's too creamy. This kitchen countertop will make SW Snowbound look dirty, and the kitchen countertops will look like light cream. Instead, go toward something like MSI Calacatta Alto, which leans cooler with minimal blue-gray movement. 

I want you to get this right the first time so please bring a paint sample of Sherwin Williams Snowbound when you go shopping for the perfect kitchen countertop. Compare SW Snowbound and see if it's the correct pairing before making a final decision. 

SW Snowbound Design Tip 2: Tinted Windows

If you have a newly built home and or installed new blue-tinted windows, expect SW Snowbound to look grayer than it is, and it can look dingy, especially if you're considering painting the main interior walls with SW Snowbound. This is where lighting can become complicated, especially if you want to paint your space with an off-white paint color. The answer is not so straightforward as it depends on the type of lighting, fixed elements and the type of interior decor you have in your home. If you really want an off-white then go with true off white like BM Chantilly Lace, BM Oxford White or SW High Reflective White. Otherwise you need to go with warmer neutrals to counter the blue tinted windows.   

If you're looking for other off-white paint colors besides SW Alabaster, then please check out the following paint colors reviews:

One last important detail about Sherwin Williams Snowbound you will not see the slight pink undertone on exterior applications. I've used Sherwin Williams Snowbound on the exterior of homes many times over the years and it's a beautiful muted off-white that doesn't look stark on the exterior of the home when paired correctly.  I wish you the best and happy painting!