5 Best Green Paint Colors for a Soothing Bedroom

5 Best Green Paint Colors for a Soothing Bedroom

What Makes A Green Paint Color Soothing?

One of the most dominant colors in mother nature is green. You can find it in flowers, forests, oceans, lakes, rivers, deserts, and so on. Green is the start of life; think of the sprouting flower, the new tree in its early stages, and the maturity of life, such as the giant forest trees. It's often associated with the human eye as calming, balancing, soothing, and relaxing, as humans were so inspired by the color green that you can find it in paint colors, fabrics, art, building materials, and so much more. 

The color green comes in many different tints, tones, and shades. There are many different green undertones, such as yellow-green, black-green, blue-green, blue-green-gray, green-gray, brown-green, etc. So, what is considered a soothing green? 

Muted greens, blue-greens, and blue-green-grays are often considered soothing green paint colors for a bedroom. 

Can All Soothing Green Paint Colors Work in Every Bedroom?

Green Bedroom Paint Color


The answer is no and yes. It's complicated because it depends on the type of fixed elements, interior decor, and natural and artificial lighting that you have in your bedroom. 

I encourage you to watch the video below for those of you who want to see what these beautiful paint colors look like especially when paired with the different trim paint colors. 



There are hundreds of beautiful, soothing green paint colors, and today, I want to share with you the 5 best green paint colors for a soothing bedroom that you should know. 


# 5 On The List: Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments 1563  

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments 1563 Quick Tips You Should Know


Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments is a beautiful paint color that leans on the lighter side without making a bedroom feel dark or heavy. It has the right tone and shade to hold well in north and south-facing rooms as long as it's paired correctly with your fixed elements. If you're looking for a light, soothing green for the bedroom, then BM Quiet Moment could be the right paint color. However, be mindful when it comes to lighting, especially if your bedroom is north-facing or doesn't receive a lot of natural lighting. Don't be surprised if it leans more on the blue side. I've seen BM Healing Aloe look like a blue egg in spaces with poor lighting and when paired with the wrong fixed elements. 

What Are The Undertones?

BM Quiet Moments has blue-green-gray undertones. In a south-facing bedroom or if your bedroom receives a lot of natural lighting, expect BM Quiet Moments to look blue-green, but at night or when natural lighting shifts throughout the day, you will notice a touch of gray. That's not a bad thing - it's what makes this paint color so unique. The touch of gray softens this beautiful paint color, but at the same time, it makes BM Quiet Moments a chameleon. Expect it to fluctuate throughout the day depending on the natural and artificial lighting you have in your bedroom. 

What Trim Paint Colors Pair With Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments?

The fixed elements, interior decor, and lighting will dictate what trim paint colors will pair best with Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments. 

True off-whites contrast beautifully with BM Quiet Moments, such as BM Chantilly Lace. Warm off-whites can create warmth depending on your fixed elements; BM White Dove is a good example. Light creams are an unexpected yet timeless combination with BM Quiet Moments; BM Mascarpone is a fantastic light cream that pairs beautifully with BM Quiet Moments.  

Number 4 On The List: Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray 0052

Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray Quick Tips You Should Know


Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray is an excellent example of a beautiful, soothing green paint color that's not popular online and that I've been using for a long time in the right situations. Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I'm comfortable with all paint colors. The focus shouldn't always be on what is trending or popular. Instead, you should focus on what paint colors pair best with what you have in your bedroom. Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray has the right depth to create a calming ambiance in a bedroom when paired correctly. 

What Are The Undertones?

SW Williams Pearl Gray has blue-green-gray undertones. It's similar to BM Healing Aloe, but a touch lighter and the touch of gray undertone makes this beautiful paint color a chameleon. It has a tendency to lean cooler in a north-facing room and the blue undertones can be a little more pronounced. Please get a sample and make sure SW Pearl Gray will work in your bedroom. I want you to get this right. 

What Trim Paint Colors Pair With Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray?

It depends on your fixed elements, for example, if your bedroom has light oak flooring, and you want a crisp true off-white for the trims then I recommend SW High Reflective White. A true off-white is a safe approach for most people but there is so much potential when painting your trims. Painting your trims can change the vibe and ambiance of a bedroom from looking average to breathtaking. If you want more warmth for the trims then try out a warm off-white called SW Westhighland White. To add more warmth and contrast in a bedroom assuming you have the right warm fixed elements I highly recommend trying out SW Shoji White. SW Shoji White when paired with SW Pearl Gray will look like a soft light cream with a touch of beige - beautiful! 

Number 3 On The List: Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe 1562

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe Quick Tips You Should Know


Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe is the lightest soothing green paint color on the list. If you're looking for a light, airy, and soothing green paint color for your bedroom, then this might be the perfect paint color. It's a versatile paint color that works well in north and south-facing rooms. The paint color stays consistent throughout the day however, if you have artificial lighting that is below 3,500K then don't be surprised to see a little more green. 

What Are The Undertones?

Benjamin Healing Aloe has blue-green undertones. It's not a chameleon-like BM Quiet Moments or SW Pearl Gray. However, if you don't receive a lot of natural lighting or have poor placement of artificial lighting in your bedroom, expect BM Healing Aloe to read more on the blue side with less green. 

What Trim Paint Colors Pair With Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe?

Benjamin Moore Healing Aloe pairs well with clean true off-white paint colors such as BM Oxford White. BM Oxford White will create a crisp and clean contrast in a bedroom. When working with this paint color, I've paired it with so many different off-whites and creams over the years. I recommend trying out BM Simply White if you want a touch of warmth without too much yellow and not stark like BM Oxford White. For those of you who are not afraid to pair a light cream with BM Healing Aloe then I highly recommend trying out BM Cotton Balls. BM Cotton Balls paired with BM Healing Aloe in a coastal bedroom or home is so beautiful!   

How can I help you find the perfect paint color for your home?

If you want to save time and are tired of second-guessing and want to avoid a costly mistake, then I recommend checking out any of my online packages. I can help you select the right paint colors that will pair correctly with your fixed and furnished elements, including the type of lighting you have in your home for either the interior or exterior of your home.

When you book the appointment, you will speak to me, Jacob, not anyone else. I will explain to you in a live video call on what will or will not work in your bedroom or home. The following morning you will receive a detailed Color Kit via email telling you everything you need to know, and you will have the confidence knowing that all the recommended paint colors will pair beautifully in your home. 

Go to my FAQ page or How I Help You page to learn more. I would love to help you!

Next, I will share with you number two on the list of soothing green paint colors for a bedroom. 

Number 2 On The List: Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere 2138-60

Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere Quick Tips You Should Know


Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere has depth and the right shade to pair well in north and south-facing rooms. It's a popular paint color, a soothing green paint color that can make the space feel calming and relaxing. It's darker than  BM Healing Aloe but lighter than BM Quiet Moments and SW Pearl Gray.  

What Are The Undertones?

Despite the name, it's not strictly a gray paint color instead, BM Gray Cashmere undertone is a blue-green-gray. If your bedroom doesn't receive proper natural or artificial lighting, then don't be surprised if it leans more on the cool side as the gray in this paint color makes it a chameleon. Nothing wrong with this paint color changing slightly throughout the day when paired correctly. 

What Trim Paint Colors Pair With Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere?

BM Gray Cashmere pairs beautifully with a clean and crisp true off-white such as BM Chantilly Lace of SW High Reflective White. If you want the most contrast with BM Gray Cashmere then true off-white for the trims is the way to go. BM Simply White has a touch more warmth than a true off-white and pairs beautifully with BM Gray Cashmere or you can go with a creamier warm off-white like BM Cloud White. Warm off-white trim paint colors pair well with warm and cool fixed elements when paired correctly. 

Number 1 On The List: Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin 2139-50 

Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin Quick Tips You Should Know


Benjamin Silver Marlin is a classic and timeless soothing interior paint color for a bedroom that I've used many times. What I like about this beautiful paint color is how it holds up in different natural or artificial lighting throughout the day and into the evening. It brings a sense of coziness without being dark or heavy. The shade and tone of this soothing green paint color are versatile and can be used in many different interior or exterior applications depending on the type of fixed or furnished elements you have in your home.  

What Are The Undertones?

Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin has blue-green undertones. What is interesting about this paint color is it doesn't lean to blue-gray or green-gray regardless of whether you have north or south-facing rooms. Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin has the right depth to create a cozy, relaxing, and soothing ambiance for a bedroom. 


What Trim Paint Colors Pair With Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin?

If you want a crisp and clean contrast with BM Silver Marlin then I recommend trying out BM Chantilly Lace for the trims in your bedroom. I recommend trying out a warm off-white that is similar to BM White Dove, but that is a touch lighter called BM Steam. For those of you who have black fixed elements such as exterior window frames, bedroom cabinets, or floor tiles then I recommend trying out a beautiful light cream called BM Mascarpone. This will create a soothing, inviting, warm, and sophisticated ambiance in a bedroom when paired correctly.   

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Save Time & Get It Right The First Time

If you need help selecting the best interior paint colors for your bedroom and you want to get it right the first time then I recommend checking out the One Room Package. Select any of the add-ons to further customize your package or go to the FAQ page to learn more. 

I wish you the best of luck and happy painting!