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After you complete your questionnaire and upload your pictures, I will send you an invitation to speak with me on a live video call to further talk about your color dilemma. Due to high demand for our services, your appointment for your order may not take place during the week of your order – your color kit will be ready within 2 business days after your appointment.

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Erica O.
United States United States
Worth the Investment

My husband and I were trying to determine which color would work best for the interior of our home. We had several samples on the walls, on boards, etc. I was getting stressed out about choosing the right color. I stumbled upon Jacob's YouTube videos and decided to give him a try. My husband was skeptical, but Jacob was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The personalized color kit and live chat session were worth the investment. We went with one of his recommendations and have been extremely pleased with the results.

Jennifer M.
United States United States
Beyond expectations!!

We recently purchased a new home and while we loved the bones of the house we did not particularly love the colors used inside. There were dark accent walls that didn't match our color preferences, and the main wall color in the house was much warmer than we would like it to be. But the biggest obstacle was the kitchen. The cabinets, backsplash and countertops are all very warm, when what we really wanted was something cooler, however our budget didn't allow for a kitchen overhaul! I had never painted an entire house before so I was definitely daunted by just the scale of work that would need to be done, but what worried me the most was that I would choose a paint color that looked great on a paint chip but would look terrible in the house (and I was really confused on what we could do to tone down the warmth that was coming from the kitchen). Enter Jacob!! In my online color search, I read tons of color reviews and thought I had settled on a color, when I found some videos of Jacob talking about the pros and cons of today's most popular wall colors (which were top on my list). In his videos he does a great job of not just talking a color up but explaining any potential pitfalls of said color. After watching several of his videos, I was more worried than ever that I would pick the wrong color! So, I decided to take the plunge and ask Jacob to help. BEST DECISION EVER!!!!! We ordered an Open Concept Package, and I added on an Accent Paint Color, Kitchen Backsplash Color (to potentially remove and replace our current backsplash) and Built-In Cabinet Color (we were entertaining the idea of painting the kitchen cabinets). The questionnaire you fill out ahead of time was easy to navigate and complete. Our online consult with Jacob was great. He is friendly and easy to talk to, and he really listened to what we liked/didn't like about the current set of colors in our house. We received our color kit very quickly and I couldn't believe how much information Jacob gave us, it was excellent!! I have read through it several times and refer back to it as needed. He thoroughly covered all of the bases (from the type of paint he recommended, the correct sheen to use in different areas of the house, any primers that might be needed, etc.) and gave us a wide selection of colors to choose from. The color kit even talks about lighting; which was really helpful because it helped us with replacing old can lights with new ones that give off truer color (you can definitely see a difference in your wall color with the right lights!!!!) We narrowed down his recommendations to a few colors for each area (main wall color, accent color, and cabinet color), ordered paint samples, and were quickly able to make final decisions on what color(s) to go with. I am SO very impressed with the color choices Jacob gave us!! I never would have picked out these colors on my own but they have allowed us to create exactly the right color scheme for the house!!! Over the course of a few weeks, we have painted just about every wall in our new house (including a few accent walls), and I am IN LOVE! It has turned out so beautifully!! We have not replaced our kitchen backsplash yet but have used Jacob's recommendations to pick out the tile and grout we will ultimately use. And because the new wall color and new tile are making such a difference, we no longer feel we need to paint the cabinets (that is going to save us a nice chunk of change!). Jacob knows his colors, he understands how lighting affects them, he can see undertones that you may not realize are there using just a paint chip or little color sample; so trust him! He won't steer you wrong!! My husband initially laughed at me when I told him I hired a color consultant a month ago, but after seeing how Jacob was able to guide us to just the right colors, he now agrees this was the best decision we could have made! We would highly recommend Jacob to anyone who is looking to update the colors in their home!!

United States United States
Wonderful experience!!!!!!

After having purchased a fixer upper, I found myself struggling with a paint color to use on walls, trim, and cabinets throughout the entire house. After having an online consultation with Jacob, he sent a color kit with colors that would work with my furnishings. All the colors were great! I highly recommend Jacob. His communication and knowledge of colors is unbelievable!

Rae R.
United States United States
First Time Home Buyer

There are so many expenses when buying a home, especially for the first time. However, the BEST money I spent on making this house mine was hiring Jacob for his paint color recommendations. On my own, I would've never picked the colors for my walls, trim & cabinets that Jacob suggested, but I could not be happier, and I can't recommend him enough. I'm going to be hiring Jacob again to help me with the exterior of my home- he has all my trust and confidence.

Stephanie G.
United States United States
He nailed it! A+

The process was easy. I had onc color scheme in mind, and once he saw the undertones in my carpets, no way! That's the key here folks - the undertones. If you can't achieve that vision, he's worth the money. I went with one of the six color choices (I wanted just a one color theme - neutral for my home) and I couldn't be more pleased with his suggestions. Thanks Jacob. By the way, the only thing I've not had at this point is a follow up on 'what did you go with' or 'do you have any questions' - however, I feel if I reached out with a question, he would have been responsive for sure! I went with the aesthetic white - cashmere SW. :)