One Color Entire Home Package

$125.00 USD

This package includes the best 3-4 main interior wall colors and two trim colors.

Select the add-ons below to customize your package if you want other home areas to be painted differently with a coordinating color palette.

When your order is purchased, you will receive a separate email with the link to the questionnaire. Please check your junk mail folder if
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Jeanie G.
United States United States

Nailed it!

I enjoyed every minute of my conversation with Jacob! He is an expert in color design, he listened to my concerns, he gave me multiple choices and he was very pleasant to work and speak with! Don’t hesitate to hire him; it is without a doubt, money well spent! He nailed it!!!

George G.
United States United States

Great guy

Very informative and responsive. Highly recommend.

Lori S.
United States United States


My experience far exceeded my expectations. When I found him on Pinterest and then watched his YouTube videos, I was in decision paralysis after making a half a dozen trips to Sherman Williams and Benjamin Moore stores. He was God-sent and his expertise obvious. I throughly enjoyed the process and quick turn around. He listened to my aesthetic goals of my small bungelow home and sent me 8 color choices. All choices he ensured would go with my existing trim and door color (BM White Dove). The comfort that I had knowing that any of his choices would work put my decision anxiety at ease. I ultimately went with BM White Down, which was not even on my radar. I could not be happier with my decision. My walls feel 12” higher. The total turn around time was 7 days. I would work with Jacob again in a heartbeat.

Jacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package Review
Pam O.
United States United States

Open concept color consult

The website clearly explains the process and everything about the questionnaire and submitting photos went exactly as expected. Jacob absolutely nailed the style and look I desired for my home. I can’t wait until the project is finished to post before and after pictures. Highly recommend Jacob Owen Design for color consultation. You won’t be disappointed!

Mary A.
United States United States

Jason is the BEST!

Jason was incredibly knowledgeable and really helped me understand the color of paint that would enhance and tone down our unique flooring. He allowed me to call him when I had a question. He’s fun and so personable. It was the best decorating advice I’ve ever received. Thanks, Jason!

Jacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package Review
Darby D.
United States United States

Simply the BEST - Thank You Jacob!

I can’t stress enough how thankful I am to have found Jacob on youtube. He made the process of picking out a paint color for our home just flawless. I went with his 1st choice and it turned out beautifully. I will absolutely use Jacob again for future paint projects and appreciate his expert eye so much. Our home went from drab to fab with his paint selection. I am sooo happy with the color Jacob recommended. He really loves what he does and it shows in his detailed and comprehensive color kit. I was star struck seeing him on the zoom call. He listened to what I wanted in a bright, open, airy, peaceful color and nailed it. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Jacob!

A Jacob Owens Designs Customer
Jamie C.
United States United States


After many years of moving around with the military, my husband retired and we were ready to build our forever home on a lot we had purchased 18 years prior. Building a custom home from the ground up was equal parts joy and stress. I hand selected each and every finish in the home- and had many sleepless nights in the process! As I was researching the THOUSANDS of paint options out there, I happened upon Jacob's YouTube channel. I knew paint was something that I had to get right and it was very stressful looking at so many paint chips. After reading Jacob's reviews, I knew I would be in good hands. I was able to "shelf" the paint selections and knew when it came time to select paint colors, he would be my go-to. Working with Jacob exceeded every expectation. His information-gathering form was comprehensive and really helped me narrow down the look and feel I was going for in the home. I selected the entire home package, with several add-ons as well as the exterior package. The zoom call with Jacob was educational as well as informative. He answered all my questions and grasped the look I was going for. We talked about the photos I sent as well as inspiration photos that I liked. The color package email was comprehensive and helped me know what to relay to my builder, including the best sheens, colors, paint type, etc. I also knew that I could select any color within my package and it would coordinate well with the other colors throughout the house for a very cohesive look. A totally invaluable resource! Overall, Jacob NAILED my vision and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. The mental load relieved from his help was such a gift- and his service is so reasonable! I highly recommend Jacob's services, definitely worth every dime!

Jacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package Review
Mary H.
United States United States

One of the best sources of advice and value for $ I have ever experienced - bar none

For the past 9 months I have been the lead in a refresh project of our condo. This refresh included a new kitchen, 2 baths, carpet and paint. Our unit was last painted in 1998 and obviously was long overdue. I spent many hours at my local BM and watching You Tube video for paint color ideas. Jacob’s paint reviews stood out to me. For many years I was a professional watercolorist. As such, one has to be mindful and understand the nature of each pigment when mixing on a white sheet of paper (warm or cool, opaque or transparent) to avoid drab or muddy colors - the goal so for colors to be be fresh and sing. Jacob understood how different sources of light (sunlight - north, south, east, west facing and/or artificial light - cool or warm) as well as anchor or adjacent colors influences what goes on the walls. . The painting estimate came in at over $15k so I knew I had one chance to get it right. I needed professional help. I first hired a local “color expert” at about the same same fee as Jacob. I had worked with this person before on a friend’s house - turned out well. But even then I felt like the person had a narrow list of favorite colors and was not really listening to my concerns or the feeling/mood I was going for (isn’t the major color too dark- I don’t want to live in a cave? I’m not sure the major color will work well with with my existing furniture and artwork, I want the space to feel warm and calming and the furniture and artwork to “sit comfortably” within the 4 walls). Buyers (consultant) remorse quickly set in. I needed to seek out another opinion fast. This was May 2023. I read Jacob’s online reviews and purchased one of his packages. Right away, I was impressed with how extensive his pre-interview questionnaire was. Plus I had to send him images of the rooms and the anchor colors. Yes, there was quite a bit of homework, but I didn’t want to make a costly mistake and have to live with or tolerate colors I didn’t like. During the online session with Jacob, I was impressed with how he LISTENED and answered my concerns. I felt like he was 1000% there with me, not rushing our session nor was he running his favorite color agenda on me. I also enjoyed our comparisons of how a watercolorist uses colors to push and pull a painting to communicate successfully with how a paint color expert does the same. I also appreciated that Jacob was secure and professional enough to recommend the websites of other online color consultant he respected when appropriate. The colors he selected and the reasons why in his analysis report were amazing and perfect. I was able to finally breathe. Sorry Jacob it has taken me so long to write this review. I wanted to wait until the carpet was in and my refresh project was over - clutter put away. The results are more than I had hoped for. All my furnishings and colors “sit” perfectly in every room - my goal. Jacob recommended Manchester Tan for the living, dining, kitchen and TV area. This color (which I hadn’t hear of before) embraced my inherited furniture - red cherry and French Country whitewashed oak furniture, cranberry accent sofa colors as well as my new warm grey carpet and white kitchen cabinets and quartz. I used his recommended Ballet White for the remaining rooms and hallways. The ceilings, doors, baseboard and window trim is in Steam. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Jacob. I point others to his website. If you do the simple homework he asks of you, he will deliver an amazing portfolio of beautiful colors.

Jacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package Review
Jamie B.
United States United States

Awesome experience!

Jacob was amazing on scheduling and meeting my project timeline. He was also wonderful at asking just the right questions to make sure that our color pallet worked in our space and our personal preferences. So happy with our experience!

Lisa P.
United States United States

Highly recommend!

I had a great experience working with Jacob and I highly recommend his color consultation. I spent several months trying to find the right paint colors before I decided to get Jacob's help. The Zoom meeting was very helpful and he understood what I was looking for. I am so happy with the colors Jacob chose for my home. I will be using his services in the future for my home's exterior.

United States United States

Could not have done it without Jacob

I was struggling with the color to use to repaint the interior of our house. That is until I found Jacob. On my own I would have picked the wrong color and undoubtedly would not have been satisfied. Thanks to Jacob we selected a color that he recommended and he was spot on. We love it!! I highly recommend his services to everyone.

Michelle T.
United States United States

Perfection made simple!

This was one of the most fun and educational home design experiences I’ve ever had! The process is so simple and Jacob really gets to know you and your style! I learned so much about how the process works. He really is knowledgeable and nice! I highly recommend getting Jacob to help you choose the best paint color for you and your home! You’ll be amazed at the results!

Jennifer C.
Canada Canada

Just what we needed!

We were painting my piano teaching studio, and had a number of fixed elements, and were looking for a paint colour that would help unify the space, and make it brighter. Jacob gave us four great choices, and we chose the first one. It has given us exactly the look and mood we were hoping for. Thank you Jacob!

Dana I.
United States United States

Wow...just can't thank Jacob enough!

I needed the entire inside of my townhome repainted and I planned for all new hardwood floors. My little easy-peasy idea was to buy some various light-colored paint samples, brush them on existing walls and choose colors from there. Hah! My indecision grew into sheer agony, and after $150-plus of paint samples (with walls now looking like patchwork quilts), I threw up my hands and scoured the internet, desperate for help. Thank goodness for Jacob and his excellent customer reviews. I contacted him and he had me share, via his website form, multiple pics of my rooms, furniture and planned flooring, and he asked for my written thoughts and ideas as well. We then spoke online shortly after to review his recommendations and he sent, within 24 hours, excellent guidance and fabulous color choices in priority order. I went with his first selections all the way and I'm thrilled with the results! The painters were also impressed. The colors Jacob recommended for key rooms were so complementary and went beautifully with the colors of my new flooring. I can't say enough about Jacob's work...except thanks a million!!!

Jacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package Review
Nicole D.
United States United States

Extremely helpful

Jacob is so knowledgeable! I was having decision fatigue looking at paint swatch after paint swatch for my new build. I wish I’d contacted Jacob sooner and saved myself the headache of even attempting to pick the paint color on my own. Jacob completely understood my vision and turns out the colors I had been considering were way off base and would’ve looked too dark and cool in my home. I highly recommend Jacob’s services and will be booking him anytime I need help picking interior or exterior colors!

Roanne D.
United States United States

Perfect Choices and excellent communication!

Jacob was so easy to work with! He has a discerning eye and a special gift with design. He really listened to our desire for overall cohesiveness and the main concerns we had about finishes we had to work with because we did not have the budget to change our existing honey-oak cabinets, counters and tile. He made recommendations that worked so well with the existing finishes in the house! He recommended interior paint and trim colors as well as flooring choices. Instead of having an outdated, dingy, dark space with clashing finishes we now have a home that is warm and welcoming, and everything coordinates so well. Investing in Jacob’s services was money well-spent and really saved us $$’s in the long run! We will use him again, for sure!

Anand R.
United States United States

Don't start a painting project without a consultation with Jacob. An absolute MUST !

I decided to paint my entire house, vanities, kitchen cabinets, front door etc.. so any mistake in choosing the right colors would have been a costly mistake. Was I glad I reached out to Jacob !! He factors in the color of the floors and other immoveables, tinted windows (if any), the location and the amount of external light into the house and gives his recommendation after a thorough analysis and a video consultation. Based on what your golas are, you are provided with multiple options or a color kit, paint type & quality. Engaging Jacob is a no-brainer. We all see colors slightly differently (remember the internet rage with the blue/black Vs white/golden dress ?). So having a color consultant who has an eye for detail is money well spent. I will actively recommend Jacob to anyone of my friends/family who plan to paint all or part of their home. This is money well spent and it is very affordable. Frankly for the value Jacob delivers, I think he is underpriced. Thank you Jacob ! Your professional inputs and options have been invaluable. We simply LOVE the new look of our home.

Jacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package Review
Kim W.
United States United States

Natural Cream

Loved my experience. Had some follow up questions that Jacob responded too promptly. Love my one color paint. Just what I wanted. Jacob made the process so easy after I stressed too long on choosing a paint color. Highly recommend his service to streamline the color options.

Jacob Owens Designs One Color Entire Home Package Review
Katherine H.
United States United States


I was so relieved to find Jacob and use his services to find my perfect wall and trim color for my house. I am usually pretty good at knowing what I like and what I want but when you are making the choice to paint the entire interior of your is SO NICE and SO VERY HELPFUL to have Jacob in your corner to help guide you to the perfect paint colors. Modern Gray and Pure White it is!!! I would recommend Jabob 1000%. You will never regret gaining his immense knowledge of paints, paint color and his eye to help guide you in the perfect direction. My painters are painting my house as we speak and it looks beyond amazing. THANK YOU JACOB! Best money I have spent in this big home renovation..... this purchase brought PEACE OF MIND on one of the most expensive items in my home.....

Erin O.
United States United States

A wonderful experience

Jacob was simply wonderful to work with - knowledgeable and so positive! I have never been able to determine if a color is “warm” or “cool,” but after looking at the photos I provided Jacob was able to determine I have a lot of warm tones in my flooring, fireplace, and countertops. He provided 5 wall and 2 trim colors that would work throughout my house and from the samples I did they were all contenders! I elected to go with his first choice - BM Windsbreath - for the walls which wasn’t even on my radar before the consultation. The process was easy - fill out the questionnaire, schedule the virtual consultation, sit down with Jacob to discuss options, and then receive a comprehensive booklet of recommended colors, paint tips, descriptions of color families, and a quick how-to on sample boards. Jacob has taken the stress out of choosing paint by narrowing down the choices from hundreds to 5, which I desperately needed as I kept waffling between colors and got lost in the weeds. For the first time I feel confident that I’ve made a great paint choice that I can live with for a long time and not need to change because “something isn’t quite right.” Next up - exterior!

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