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After you complete your questionnaire and upload your pictures, I will send you an invitation to speak with me on a live video call to further talk about your color dilemma. Due to high demand for our services, your appointment for your order may not take place during the week of your order – your color kit will be ready within 2 business days after your appointment.

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Sybil T.
United States United States

It was a pleasure to work with Jacob. He’s professional, very current with his paint color recommendations. I would definitely recommend his service we did the whole home with garage doors. I have had tons to compliments on our home. I absolutely love it!

Jacob Owens Designs Exterior Main Body Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Exterior Main Body Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Exterior Main Body Package Review
Bree B.
United States United States
Best investment!!

We had the best experience with Jacob. We purchased his exterior home package. We needed a color that matched the undertones of our brick(cream/tan) and the roof (blue). It was so overwhelming to try and figure it out myself. With exterior paint you really need to get it right the first time, it's just not as easy to re-paint as interior walls. The options we were given were all fantastic and the package came so thorough. All of the info we needed was all there. Worth every penny! We wouldn't hesitate to use Jacob again!

Jacob Owens Designs Exterior Main Body Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Exterior Main Body Package Review
Liz L.
United States United States
Out with the old we love the new!!!

Oh my gosh! Jacob gave us multiple choices in an easy read format. His choices are spot on ! I spent many , I mean many , hours and would never have even considered I was going the wrong way!!! His lead colors are tranquil and is a dramatic change we love! Great communicator and so much more! Thanks Jacob ! We’ll be back!!!

Jacob Owens Designs Exterior Main Body Package Review
Marti D.
United States United States
Reliable and confident

I want to share that my experience with Jacob was excellent! I had some “design” support prior to contacting Jacob but I was lacking 100% confidence in my options and selection. Our home was an unusual color combined with a dramatic angle in the roof line showing the dessert tan/brown roof. Jacob was very professional and gave me the confidence I needed in making my selection. I am very happy with the end result and we have even had neighbors reach out about how wonderful our home looks! Great service! Highly recommend Jacob: you can trust in his ability. Thanks MD

Angelique T.
Canada Canada

We loved working with Jacob and highly recommend him. His step-by-step procedure made things very easy. We hired him to suggest new colours for a home we just bought, and love his suggestions! The first step is to take/upload various photos in accordance with his instructions and fill out his questionnaire. Once that's done, within 24 hours, you get choices for a Zoom call slot. Jacob does his homework in advance of the call, but he confirms and gets various more information. During the call, he then advises you of the colour schemes he is suggesting. Depending on the home and your feedback in the questionnaire, he may be suggesting 1 to 3 families of colour schemes, but he asks you to, if possible, choose one general colour scheme , or at most 2 (keeping in mind that within each "scheme", there are going to be different colour options for each element of that area of the house). He then sends you an email of the general colour schemes he is thinking about and then you email him back your #1 choice (or at most top 2 choices). One of the 3 schemes he had suggested to us was something we hadn't even thought about, but after looking at the colours online, it surprisingly soon became our favourite. We were actually so completely surprised by our love for this previously uncontemplated colour scheme, we second-guessed ourselves a tiny bit and asked Jacob to send us a color kit based on 2 schemes (our new favourite and another). In retrospect that was a mistake, as it made the colour kit more complicated and more difficult for us to finalize the colour elements. We should have just chosen the overall scheme we liked the best, knowing that within that favoured scheme we were going to have plenty of options anyway. Here, less is definitely more. When you advise him of your colour scheme choice(s), Jacob then provides a colour kit which has various colour suggestions for each element to be painted; all suggestions falls within the overall colour family scheme that you chose. He ranks his suggestions, but recognizes that people have different tastes. He encourages you to also obtain real paint samples of your finalists and paint them on white paper secured to bristol board paper. He also asks you to look at the colours against your non-painted fixed elements in the sun and shade. For convenience, we ended up ordering large paint sheets (~8 inches x ~9 inches) from the paint manufacturer which really let us confirm that the colours we chose were the right ones (or you can also just go to the store and purchase a tiny jar of your choice and brush it onto a piece of paper) Once we had the samples and looked at that both in the sun and in the shade, we knew had the right colours. We also had a couple of follow up questions and Jacob replied courteously and substantively. We recommend Jacob without hesitation.