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After you complete your questionnaire and upload your pictures, I will send you an invitation to speak with me on a live video call to further talk about your color dilemma. Due to high demand for our services, your appointment for your order may not take place during the week of your order – your color kit will be ready within 2 business days after your appointment.

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Debbie K.
United States United States
Jacob is a color expert rock star!

Like so many others, I spent well over a $100 on paint samples. Trying to find the correct paint colors to coordinate with the many different fixed elements of a home recently purchased was a nightmare. After talking with interior decorators and paint store personnel, I was still at a loss. Consequently, I went to the internet and researched color experts. Though there were several choices, Jacob’s enthusiasm won me over and boy, did I make I the right choice! Not only is Jacob an expert color specialist, he is responsive, thorough and kind hearted. It is clear he loves what he does. I’ve sung his praises to all my friends and encourage anyone who is looking for color advice to contact him. You will be glad you did!

Bill M.
United States United States
A Fantastic and Educational Experience in Color

My wife and I bought a retirement home 3000 miles from our current home. We found a painter quicker than we anticipated. He started work immediately, first removing popcorn ceilings and then started painting the ceiling and trim! The painter asked us what color we wanted the trim painted!? We didn't have an answer! He then asked what color we wanted our walls painted?! Being our first home, we didn't have a clue! I started watching Youtube videos on "how to pick a paint color for your house." That's where I was introduced to Jacob! I visited his website and saw he had an online service. I decided to give it a shot. I started with just one room (the kitchen) as a test. When I received Jacob's "Color Kit" for the kitchen, I smiled! He offered 5 color options that worked with the cabinets and countertop and 2 options for trim. All 5 of Jacob's colors looked way better than what I had been playing around with. I was so impressed with Jacob's input that I gave him 4 more rooms to work with. Again, I was very pleased with the recommendations for all 4 rooms. Jacob made this really easy for us! I had a video call with him as well! He is as nice a guy in person as he is in his videos. His process is a great one! You get over 20 year's of his experience for a very reasonable price. My wife and I were able to go back to our painter and say we wanted this color ceiling, this color trim, we want this room painted with this color and that room painted with this color. What a difference from the blank stare we gave the painter when he first asked the question! My wife and I highly recommend Jacob! A cool side note: My wife's mom passed recently. The retirement home we bought reminded us a lot of my wife's mom's house. I felt it when I walked in the house and my wife mentioned it without me saying a word to her. It was one of those "Twilight Zone" moments. I had asked Jacob to include a darker color option for the master bedroom. He came back with "Rosemary" which was my wife's Mom's name!? That also put a smile on my face and you can guess what color our Master Bedroom is going to be! Thanks, Jacob! We could not have done it without you! All the best! Bill & Megan