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This package includes the best 3 main interior wall colors and two trim colors.

Select the add-ons below to customize your package if you want other home areas to be painted differently with a coordinating color palette.

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A Jacob Owens Designs Customer
Kathleen M.
United States United States

White paint dilemna -- solved!

Oh boy, if I could tell you how many dozens of hours I've spent reviewing white paints...well maybe if you're reading this, you can relate. Our home has many tall walls and large features--like a stone fireplace that travels up two stories in the great room and adjacent wood framed windows that do the same. So many different walls intersecting in an open floor plan up to a second story loft with extremely varying light factors. On top of that, wanting to coordinate this with our newly remodeled kitchen in SW Alabaster which we don't want to use for the rest of the house, but want to coordinate. And of course, only twelve million different whites to choose from while looking at screens and tiny chips and YouTube channels like Jacob's. So I reached out for help. The process was fun in that he has you take tons of photos of "fixed elements" in a particular way so he can study your tones. He came prepared with our appt with my photos, clearly having studied them, and asked me pointed questions to help direct him further. I mostly listened which I recommend you do as it's your best use of that time. A couple days later I received an EXTENSIVE report with recommendations from the two brands I had selected to work with. It was very cool. Then, being me, after purchasing a Samplize of the one I thought I'd like best and realizing it didn't work, I started second guessing and bought 10 more samples--all of his recommendations and some I'd had my eye on. This is how overwhelming and perplexing this whole process is. It will be a large financial commitment to paint this house for the first time in 20 years and it needs to be right the first time. So, here's the magic of Jacob. I taped several of the Samplize I'd purchased to our mantle and started noticing something. The colors Jacob had selected clearly were the only ones that would work with the stone and wood in lighting in that room. The difference of his selections and my "add-ons" was striking! Even my color blind husband could see it! So I put my tail between my legs and removed all of my anxiety selections, focusing on Jacob's and took his all around the house. Believe it or not, it was my color blind husband who landed clearly on the only option that is perfect which is....drumroll....SHOJI WHITE from Sherwin Williams. It's perfect in every lighting condition and a gorgeous shade. We also discussed an accent color for the bedroom and I didn't second guess his selections on that one (I learned) and we landed on the gorgeous Gray Cashmere for our bedroom. Thank you Jacob! It was an amazing experience and I feel so relaxed now being able to move forward with the foundation of these colors. I'll send a final picture when we get it done in a few months!

Jacob Owens Designs Three Room Package Review
Pavielle H.
United States United States

Nailed It!

I’d been fussing over colors for months and finally consulted with Jacob. He picked the perfect colors for our house and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Safe yourself time and grief and book a consult!

A Jacob Owens Designs Customer
Melissa B.
United States United States

Paint wisdom

Jacob’s knowledge and intuitive vision put me back on track to choosing the best colors that complimented my home and style. Truly worth the investment!!

Jacob Owens Designs Three Room Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Three Room Package Review
Maya V.
United States United States

Jacob was a life (and marriage) saver!

We REALLY appreciated Jacob's help! My husband had picked a faint purple color (!!) to repaint the ENTIRE house (!!). I didn't have a good feeling about it so I contacted Jacob. He was patient, kind, great at listening to us (even through our own confusion) and his color choices were super helpful and spot-on! We had a tricky situation because we wanted to update the house color-wise, but the wood trim is all honey-oak wood. Most of the prior design advice was to paint over the honey oak trim, but that is very costly, so Jacob was able to help us keep the wood trim unpainted, and still update the paint colors. Jacob saved us from having a purple house!! Ultimately, he helped us choose an array of different colors for multiple rooms and we especially loved his choice with an accent wall. He helped us avoid a very costly mistake, and I would highly recommend Jacob to anyone!!

Leslie L.
United States United States

He knows his paint colors

This was the third time I used him; it was for three rooms. For two of the rooms, I wanted I wanted a paint color that would calm down the yellow tone of Travertine tile and he delivered. It is amazing how paint color affects a room. As he says trust the process!

Nicolas B.
United States United States

Life Saver

Jacob provided incredible help picking the right colors, and most importantly, reassuring me about my choices for my expensive renovation project. When I started my project, I knew nothing about paint, so I bought samples, Samplize sheets, color fans, … and while I started to understand what I wanted, I became overwhelmed by the number of off-whites that exist. Most importantly, I was unsure about the pairing of various off-whites for the walls, ceiling, trims, molding, etc. This is when I realize that I needed professional advice, and I contacted Jacob. Jacob was available on short notice. Not only he provided incredible advice and answered all my questions room-by-room, but he did so in a way that is very reassuring. In the end, I am very happy with what I ended up choosing, and I only can recommend you to schedule a time with Jacob if you find yourself in the same situation I was in.

Morgan J.
United States United States

Perfect Way to Choose Home Colors!

I stumbled upon Jacob on youtube. I bought a house that needed to be completely repainted. After staring at the colors on the walls, I realized I needed someone to help me understand how to choose colors b/c I was not going to be repainting the whole house again anytime soon if I chose the wrong ones. I didn't end up getting to actually "meet" Jacob b/c of a tech error, but the color report he made was so comprehensive that I realized I didn't need to. I went with his top recommendations on all 3 colors and the moment the first coat went up I knew he was a color genius. The house looks so different and more balanced. I also made sure to change out the lights like he suggested and boy did they make things look even better. As a final plus, I used the section of the color report regarding accent colors and undertones to choose all the accent colors of my furniture and decorations. Each person who walks into my new home says "oh man, this looking amazing and you did a great job decorating." I don't take credit though and give it all to Jacob. Well worth the money I spent. I'm not sure I'll ever choose a color by myself again.

Jacob Owens Designs Three Room Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Three Room Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Three Room Package Review
Joy M.
United States United States

Worth every penny!!!

I am so happy I used Jacob to help us choose our paint colors. He recommended colors I hadn't even heard of before yet each one was absolutely perfect! I will definitely use Jacob again for my next painting project.

Loraine E.
United States United States


I found Jacob on line while trying to decide between 2 paint colors. I happened to click on a link and I basically said to myself how come I didn’t know about him sooner ! I picked a 3 room package , took photos and had my call with Jacob .. I didn’t even swatch my walls with his choices I went off reviews that said first choice is always amazing. I was pressed for time as my husband is a contractor and needed to be in and out of my house at the speed of light . My experience with Jacob was seamless and took any stress factor out of the equation ! My bedroom was transformed just with the color he chose and my sons room came amazing. He chose the colors for a custom bed, walls and trim .. all perfect . I have told everyone I know you have to go through him with paint choices ! Hands down will never pick paint again without him.

Jacob Owens Designs Three Room Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Three Room Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Three Room Package Review
David C.
United States United States

What a great eye!

It was a pleasure to work with Jacob. He was clear in what I needed to do on my end, he asked what look I was after, then came back with great choices. I would not have have found Jacob’s suggestions on my own, even after watching so many of his videos.

Jacob Owens Designs Three Room Package ReviewJacob Owens Designs Three Room Package Review
Jacquelyn A.
United States United States

FINALLY Have the perfect wall colors!

Jacob was fantastic! I had painted my LR twice and each time hated the color. Jacob picked out the perfect color and I also had him do my DR, hallway and staircase. Well worth it!

Laura C.
United States United States

Excellent experience

Working with Jake was such a pleasure! From his instructions for uploading photos to the video call at the end, everything was clear and easy. The best part of all is his knowledge of paint colors and finishes, and as a result, I now have beautiful walls based on his recommendations. I would highly recommend Jake, and I won't hesitate to use his services again in the future.

Mary P.
United States United States

Jacob is an AMAZING color expert! FIVE STARS++++

I can't say enough about Jacob's skill as a color expert! His focus on choosing colors that harmonize with the fixed elements in the room is 100% on point, and his vision is amazing. We bought a house with orangey maple cabinets that I hated - until we painted the yellow walls a creamy off-white per Jacob's recommendation. BRILLIANT! The cabinets now look golden and lovely and the whole room and house are transformed. I am super picky and think I have a pretty good eye for color/design -- but I will never paint another room without consulting with Jacob first. I'm painting my bedrooms now with colors he helped me pick. Not only is he the BEST - he is a joy to work with. And his fees are more than reasonable for what he offers: gorgeous results!

A Jacob Owens Designs Customer
Marla J.
United States United States

A Sigh of Relief through Color Help

I am so satisfied with the considerate, thoughtful help I received from Jacob Owens. I was struggling this year with making color decisions throughout the main level of my home... something I haven't had problems with in the past. This year, though, after working in my home and spending much more time there, I craved lightening things up while still having depth and variation. The issue for me was dealing with our pecan flooring and our oak furniture. Mr. Owens gave me a wonderful, easy to follow plan for making final decisions on color. I ended up going with all of his top choices for walls and trim, and I am so happy with the results. Each day when I walk around my home, I am calmed by the shades and tints used to lighten up our home.

Sunie V.
United States United States

Beyond grateful for Jacob Owens Designs!

Jacob is truly incredible. He took off so much pressure and stress of picking out my colors. He gave me confidence and he is so pleasant to work with. I will definitely use his service again. Trust his process! It works.

Wanda N.
United States United States

Paint for Den & Kitchen

I contacted Jacob to help me find just the right neutral for my den and kitchen. He really listened during our Zoom consultation. I ordered the paint samples recommended in the kit. That was a huge help. Painters are now finished and I love the color! Thank you Jacob!

A Jacob Owens Designs Customer
Lucas S.
United States United States

Jacob saved us from indecision

We had a fantastic experience with Jacob. He was able to respond to our idiosyncratic preferences with color options that both matched our personal style and that we'd have never thought of on our own.

Catherine T.
United States United States

Pleasure to work with

Jacob suggested colors that I never even thought of. We are in the final stages of picking out our color choices and will be excited to see what the rooms we paint will look like. I will show pictures after the room(s) are finished.

Michelle R.
United States United States


If you are on the fence about using Jacob’s services, just do it!!! He is was helpful and insightful. The tips for the extras like lighting and design aspect were a total bonus. He provided multiple choices based on “light and airy or warm and inviting”. He put everything together for me. It is so helpful due to not wanting to make another painting mistake. I will upload pictures once the painters are completed next month. I will use his services again for outside when I am ready to update the face of our home!!! Thanks again!

Kim D.
United States United States

Exterior/Interior Color Consultation

Jacob was awesome! My first project was exterior painting on my home. Jacob listened to my preferences and made recommendations. He chose colors that I never would have chosen from SW just by looking at paint chips, but they were spot on. I also used him to helped me with interior colors. Again, he listened to what I was trying to accomplish and chose colors I never would have picked, but I love. He answered follow up questions and helped me tweak a few color choices for my kids' rooms. I was insecure about all these color decisions, but Jacob's recommendations gave me confidence. Thank you, Jacob! I appreciate it.