Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois Color Review

Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois Color Review

Anytime my online clients want a spa-like master bedroom, it’s essential to pay special attention to the type of fabrics they have in their interior décor, such as window treatments, duvet, and throw pillows to name a few. It needs to have the right hue, shade, tint, and undertones to make the bedroom feel cohesive as if everything belongs together.

Today I’m going to share with you a spa-like paint color called Soft Chamois. It’s stunning and beautiful when paired correctly. I’m going to show the undertone of this paint color, and I’m going to compare this paint color with some other spa-like paint colors to help give you an idea of what makes this paint color so unique. Next, I’m going to provide you with three valuable tips when working with Soft Chamois.


Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois Color Review


The first thing you need to know about Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois is that it’s greige paint color. A greige is in between a beige and a gray, but there is a unique undertone that you need to know about in the video down below. 



As you can see, Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois is a light warm greige with a hint of green undertone, and when paired correctly, it will make your room feel relaxing yet sophisticated. 

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