Sherwin Williams Oyster White Color Review

Sherwin Williams Oyster White Color Review

How many of you have selected a paint color based on its name painted a sample on your wall then after it cured you were surprised that it looked completely different than you imagined. This happens all the time, and it's not your fault. Today I'm going to share with a paint color that is a prime example of why paint color names are so misleading.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White is not an off-white paint color. I'm going to show the undertones of this beautiful paint color by comparing it to other paint colors, and I'm going to give you three valuable tips you should know about Oyster White before deciding to paint it in your home.


Sherwin Williams Oyster White Color Review


Sherwin Williams Oyster White is a greige, not an off-white paint color. A greige is in between a beige and a gray. You have warm greige and cool greige paint colors. Sherwin Williams Oyster White leans on the cool side of greiges, but you cannot say that without pairing it with other colors. Depending on the interior décor and fixed elements of your home, Oyster White could be a warm or a cool greige. That's why I always say to compare your paint colors with other colors to determine precisely how a particular paint color will react in your space.

I want to show you what makes Oyster White a greige, watch what happens when I compare it to Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams in the video down below. 



Now you know why Sherwin Williams Oyster White is a greige, not an off-white. It's a beautiful greige interior paint color, but you need to be careful when pairing it with your fixed and furnished elements in your home. It's a chameleon paint color, and where you decide to paint this color in your home will influence how this paint color will look like throughout the day. 

Here are two other greige interior paint colors I would recommend you to check out: Sherwin Williams Shoji White or Benjamin Moore Ballet White

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