The Best Cream Paint Colors: Top 5 Popular Cream Kitchen Cabinets

The Best Cream Paint Colors: Top 5 Popular Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Top 5 Popular Cream Kitchen Cabinets

Cream paint colors are and will always be considered timeless, regardless of what is or is not trending today. You should know the best cream paint colors for kitchen cabinets, and I will share the top 5 popular cream kitchen cabinets with you

If you want more warmth in your kitchen, consider cream kitchen cabinet paint colors to make your kitchen feel inviting, luxurious, sophisticated, and timeless as the trends come and go. Then, selecting the best cream paint colors for your kitchen cabinets could be a wise investment if it pairs correctly with your kitchen countertops, backsplash, flooring, and interior wall paint color.  

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Selecting the best cream paint colors for your kitchen cabinets is agonizing as it's an expensive decision you know you need to get right. It's one thing if you're painting a bedroom, but painting kitchen cabinets is expensive. Most people can't afford to repaint the kitchen cabinets, so I want to help lead you in the right direction. I'll explain what you need to know about these top 5 popular cream kitchen cabinet paint colors, including some valuable tips to help you avoid making a costly mistake.  

Number 5 On The List: Benjamin Moore Capitol White CW-10

Benjamin Moore Capitol White Paint Color Review 

What I love about BM Capitol White as a kitchen cabinet paint color is how versatile this cream paint color is when paired with various fixed elements. It's the lightest cream paint color on the list, and the LRV is 86.93. Compared to other light cream paint colors, BM Capitol White is slightly warmer and creamier than BM Mascarpone or Sherwin Williams White Flour to help give you a better perspective of how light this cream paint color is when compared to lighter cream paint colors.  

I've paired this paint color with cool kitchen countertops, for example, off-white with blue-gray veins, to create a warm and sophisticated ambiance—it pairs beautifully with taupe, cream, or gray kitchen countertops. 

When it comes to lighting, you need to be mindful that in a north-facing room, it tends to fall flat depending on the fixed elements you pair it with; for example, when paired with darker fixed elements such as dark brown stain flooring, chances are BM Capitol White is to light; instead, I recommend going with a warmer cream not lighter. It has enough depth in south-facing rooms that it doesn't look washed out. It's important to note that cream paint colors in a home pair best with artificial lighting in the 3,000 to 3,500K range with a CRI of 93 or higher. 

Sherwin Williams Dover White 6385 

Sherwin Williams Dover White Paint Color Review


Sherwin Williams Dover White is a soft light cream with an LRV of 83, where you want a little more depth than Benjamin Moore Capitol White but not too creamy like BM Navajo White. Sherwin Williams Dover White has the right amount of cream without being too creamy and not light enough that it can look dingy. 

If you have an outdated kitchen where you can't afford to do a complete remodel and your kitchen countertops have earthy undertones of creams, beiges, or taupes, then SW Dover White could be a good pairing with your outdated kitchen countertops. Cream paint colors pair well with beiges, taupes, orange, grays, green and brown undertones. The most crucial step is to always compare SW Dover White with what you have in your kitchen to make sure it's the right cream paint color for your kitchen.

Speaking of kitchen countertops, if you're considering replacing your kitchen countertops, try out MSI Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal has gold beige, warm off-white with taupe undertones that pair well with Sherwin Williams Dover White. When shopping for kitchen countertops, you must bring a sample of SW Dover White or any paint color and compare it with the countertop slabs. Please never decide based on a countertop sample; see the countertop slab in person. I help online clients select the right kitchen countertops to pair with their kitchen cabinet paint colors to avoid making a costly mistake.

Benjamin Moore Ivory White 925

Benjamin Moore Ivory White Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color


Benjamin Moore Ivory White is a classic and timeless kitchen cabinet paint color I've used hundreds of times. If you're looking for a clean, warm, and inviting cream paint color for your kitchen, BM Ivory White might be the right match. It works well in north and south-facing rooms without looking too yellow or dingy if paired correctly. 

It's a light cream paint color with an LRV 83.32, but please keep the LRV number from influencing your decision, as I've never recommended a paint color based on LRVs. The focus should be how it pairs with your kitchen countertops, kitchen backsplash, and flooring—it pairs beautifully with MSI Portico Cream or MSI Calacatta Karmelo. 

Sherwin Williams Creamy 7012

Sherwin Williams Creamy Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color 

Sherwin Williams Creamy is warmer and creamier than BM Capitol White, SW Dover White, and BM Ivory White, with an LRV of 83. The warmer the cream paint color, the more versatile the cream can be when paired with other colors in fabrics, interior decor, and fixed elements. Sherwin Williams Creamy is a soft, light, clean cream with a little more depth without looking too creamy for a kitchen cabinet paint color. 

SW Creamy can pair well with kitchen countertops with off-white, blue-gray, cream, beiges, taupe, and warm gray undertones. If you haven't heard of HanStone, I recommend checking this company out if you're looking for the perfect kitchen countertop to pair with SW Creamy. SW Creamy pairs beautifully with HanStone Strato, which has amber and gold veining. SW Creamy also pairs well with HanStone Ridge, which has a touch of taupe, gold beige, and off-white undertones.

It's important to note that SW Creamy tends to look creamier than it is when paired with light neutral kitchen wall paint colors or off-white paint colors. Please make sure you compare cream paint colors with your existing wall paint colors, as this is a mistake that I see many clients make.  

Find The Right Paint Color For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Find The Right Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color: Jacob Owens Designs

If you're tired of second-guessing and want to avoid making a costly mistake, I recommend you go to my shop page and select any online packages; I can help you with interior and exterior paint colors. If you book the appointment to speak with me in a live video call, no one else, I will tell you what will or will not work in your home. You will have confidence knowing every paint color will work in your home, and you will receive a detailed Color Kit via email sent to you the same day that will explain everything I told you in the video call.

Check out the reviews and see what clients say; I would love to help you.

Next is the number one cream kitchen cabinet paint color on the list. 

Benjamin Moore White Down 970  

Benjamin Moore White Dove Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color


Benjamin Moore White Down is a classic and timeless cream paint color that evokes a sophisticated, modern, inviting kitchen ambiance. BM White Down is one of the most versatile cream paint colors I use when working with online clients who are remodeling kitchens from scratch or for clients who have to work with outdated or bossy fixed elements in the kitchen. Click on the link if you want an in depth paint color review about Benjamin Moore White Down

If you have an outdated kitchen countertop that you can't replace, the kitchen countertop has warm undertones such as orange-beige, cream, pink-beige, or taupe, then Benjamin Moore White Down could be the right cream paint color for your kitchen cabinets. BM White Down has the proper depth to pair with earthy fixed elements in your kitchen without looking too creamy. 

BM White Down pairs well with warm off-whites, gold-beige, pink-beige, taupe, beiges, and gray kitchen countertops. A quick tip: to give you an idea of how versatile BM White Down is for those who like quartzite countertops, it pairs beautifully with MSI Allure. MSI Allure has blue-gray, off-white, and cream undertones. 

Selecting the right cream paint colors for your kitchen cabinets can create a timeless, warm and inviting ambiance that will last through the trends as they come and go.