Sherwin Williams Popular Beige Colors: The 5 Best Beige Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Popular Beige Colors: The 5 Best Beige Paint Colors

Beige paint colors are making a comeback, not the yellow beige, orange beige, gold beige, or pink beige from the early 2000s. Sherwin Williams's popular beige colors can instantly update and modernize your home when paired correctly. If you have a home with earthy fixed elements and you want to make your home feel lighter and brighter, then I recommend the five best beige paint colors you need to know. I recommend watching the video below to get valuable tips about the five best beige paint colors that will help lead you in the right direction.



Number 5 On The List: Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground 7568 Paint Color


Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground Paint Color In Living Room


Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground is considered a light beige with a touch of gray that mutes the yellow undertones, but there is a hidden undertone you need to know about. The undertone of SW Neutral Ground is a green beige-greige, and the green undertone makes this paint color warm without looking like the typical yellow-beige from the early 2000s.

Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground pairs well with earthy and some fantastic fixed elements depending on the type of fixed elements you have in your home. It pairs well with light to medium brown hardwood flooring, off-white countertops, cream, taupe, and warm grays. Where it gets complicated is all the fixed elements throughout your home; for example, if you have cool gray kitchen cabinets, think SW Repose Gray but warm earthy flooring, then SW Neutral Ground may not be a good match as it will make the kitchen cabinets look Wcooler and more gray than they need to be and SW Neutral Ground warmer than it is.  It’s the small details where most people make the biggest mistakes. Get a sample of SW Neutral Ground and compare it with your home's interior décor and fixed elements.

Lighting is crucial in how Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground looks in your home. SW Neutral Ground does well in south-facing rooms and, for the most part, doesn’t look washed out, but it depends on the interior design layout of your home. North-facing rooms are not an issue or concern with SW Neutral Ground; however, it tends to look more like a greige in spaces with many shadows or inadequate natural or artificial lighting. If you’re looking for a clean beige and don’t want the paint color to look dirty, then SW Neutral Ground may not be your paint color. For those who want a light, airy, and inviting ambiance, SW Neutral Ground could be the perfect paint color for your home.

Number 4 On The List: White Duck 7010 Paint Color


Sherwin Williams White Duck Paint Color In Bedroom 

Sherwin Williams White Duck is a light beige greige with a hint of green undertone. The touch of gray mutes this beautiful beige from looking like a yellow beige. It’s lighter and not as warm as SW Neutral Ground.  

SW White Duck pairs well with earthy fixed elements such as brown, white oak, weathered gray, or neutral hardwood flooring. Off-white kitchen cabinets such as SW Pure White, SW Westhighland White, or SW Alabaster pair beautifully with SW White Duck, assuming the kitchen countertops are paired correctly with the kitchen cabinets. I say this because I help thousands of online clients every year, and I see many kitchen countertops that need to be selected correctly when paired with the kitchen cabinets.  For those looking to update your kitchen countertops, make sure it pairs with your kitchen cabinet paint color or color. Please get this right. To give you an idea of a kitchen countertop that pairs beautifully with SW White Duck, I recommend trying out MSI Carrara Miska as it’s a warm off-white, with a touch of gray and gold beige undertones.  

SW White Duck is somewhat of a chameleon paint color as it fluctuates depending on whether the room or space in a home is north or south-facing.  Typically, SW White Duck doesn’t get washed out with indirect natural lighting but can look washed out if you have a room where you get direct sunlight for parts of the day, especially if your home is next to a large body of water such as a lake, ocean or river. North-facing rooms are where you need to be careful, as SW White Duck tends to lean a bit on the greige side and can look muddy depending on the fixed elements in the home.  If you’re okay with SW White Duck looking slightly dirty or leaning towards a bit of greige depending on the day, then chances are you will be happy with SW White Duck in your home.

Number 3 On The List: Canvas Tan 7531


Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan Paint Color In Living Room


Not all of Sherwin Williams's popular beige paint colors are light, like SW Neutral Ground and SW White Duck.  Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan has more depth and is warmer and slightly darker than SW Neutral Ground and SW White Duck. Sherwin Williams Canvas Tan is a green beige that doesn’t lean like a yellow beige; however, it does tend to lean a little more on the yellow, depending on the fixed elements you pair it with.

Speaking of fixed elements, SW Canvas Tan does better pairing with earthier undertones, especially if you have stones in the fireplace surround, such as limestones, creams, orange-beige, rusty orange, taupe, or warm gray. Be careful if your kitchen cabinets are a cool off-white like SW Snowbound or a light warm off-white like SW Pure White, as this is one of many examples of where SW Canvas Tan will lean on the yellow side compared to its more neutral beige look when paired correctly.  

Regarding natural lighting, SW Canvas Tan excels in north and south-facing rooms. You need to be mindful of artificial lighting; for example, if you have lighting below 3,500K and your lighting is not rated for CRI 93 or higher, then chances are this is why SW Canvas Tan will look more yellow than it is. Instead, focus on having your artificial lighting between 3,500K and 4,000K with a CRI 93 or higher. Overall, SW Canvas Tan is a light, warm, and inviting interior paint color as a home's primary interior wall paint color.

Number 2 On The List: Sherwin Williams Shoji White 7042


Sherwin Williams Shoji White Paint Color In Dining Room


For those of you looking to update your home, and you want the farmhouse look, and you tried the off-white paint colors, but it’s not working out for you, then SW Shoji White could be the answer you’re looking for. Sherwin Williams Shoji White undertone is a green-beige-greige. The hint of gray and the green undertones keep the yellow from looking like yellow beige. SW Shoji White has more depth than off-white paint colors but can still make a space look light, airy, and inviting.

The primary focus for you should be whether SW Shoji White can pair with the fixed elements that you have in your home. For example, let’s say you’re looking for a light neutral to pair with your travertine flooring. Still, if you want the interior walls to look like cream without being too creamy or yellow like SW Creamy, then SW Shoji White is an excellent option.  Another example is if you have gray flooring, then SW Shoji White will look creamy or too yellow compared to the cool gray floors. That’s not a great option to consider. SW Shoji White pairs well with warm fixed elements to keep it simple without getting complicated or technical.

Lighting will influence how SW Shoji White will look in your home. If you don’t receive proper natural lighting or in a north-facing room, expect SW Shoji White to look dingy, and the green undertone will be a little more pronounced unless paired correctly. SW Shoji White excels in south-facing rooms as it almost looks creamy and warm off-white, depending on your space's natural lighting. Overall, I love SW Shoji White as it’s a paint color I’ve used many times on the interior and exterior of homes.

Number One On The List: Sherwin Williams Natural Tan 7567


Sherwin Williams Natural Tan Paint Color In Living Room


Sherwin Williams Natural Tan is a beautiful, light, warm, inviting, and transitional beige paint color that pairs well with earthy and bossy fixed elements. Sherwin Williams Natural Tan's undertone is a green beige. If you have old or outdated earthy fixed elements in your home that are too expensive to remove but want to update, then SW Natural Tan might be the perfect paint color for your home.

SW Natural Tan pairs well with cream, taupe, beige, and warm gray kitchen countertops. Warm off-white kitchen cabinets paint colors such as SW Alabaster, SW Greek Villa, or SW Westhighland White pair well with SW Natural Tan. SW Natural Tan will not give you the farmhouse look or the light and airy ambiance if that’s what your intentions are for your home. However, it will provide a warm, soft, and inviting atmosphere, especially if you have a home with many earthy fixed elements.

Regarding natural lighting, SW Natural Tan excels in north-facing rooms for the most part but does tend to fall flat or look muddy if your room doesn’t receive adequate natural lighting. As for south-facing rooms, SW Natural Tan holds its actual color of a warm and inviting beige without the yellow undertones.   I highly recommend trying out SW Natural Tan if you’re looking for a warm, neutral beige that will brighten your home but not too light, like SW Neutral Ground.

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