Sherwin Williams Anew Gray Color Review

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray Color Review

The color review today is Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams and it's not your typical gray paint color. Anew Gray is darker than many grays and it's known as a chameleon. Find out why and see if this gray paint color could be a match for your home. 


Sherwin Williams Anew Gray Color Review Paint Sample


Anew Gray is a neutral paint color; it's right below Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray in the fan deck paint strip. Most people will look at the fan deck strip and think all these paint colors relate to one another, and the only difference is the paint colors keep getting darker.  It’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make, and that’s why I never recommend creating a color palette for your home based on the colors of a fan deck strip.

Find out why I don't recommend creating a paint color with a fan deck paint strip in the video down below. 



The bottom line is you need to make sure the undertones you have in your home will pair well with Anew Gray or it will feel like there is something off about your room after you painted it with Anew Gray.  I’ve had many clients unhappy with their current interior paint colors and 90% of the time it’s because the undertones don't pair correctly with their fixed and furnished items.

Btw if you're interested in learning more about Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray feel free to check it out but if you're looking for a lighter gray paint color you might want to check out Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Color Review.  

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